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Dr. Scott McDoniel is a published, weight loss specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. McDoniel is professionally trained in the field of psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology. We’ve helped over 1,500 patients achieve their weight loss goals. View our patient testimonials! Receive a $70.00 e-coupon for scheduling online.
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Welcome to South Denver Wellness

Denver's Premiere Medical Weight Loss Clinician

Are you looking for a physician to help you lose weight? Over the years, more and more individuals attempt to lose weight by following popular weight loss programs or trying new "fad diets," which only lead to disappointment. At South Denver Wellness, we focus on each person's individual lifestyle, diet, and activity in order to personalize their program for maximum results. Our approach to weight loss is comprehensive and holistic and promotes a healthier lifestyle and habits, including good nutrition, sleep and stress management, and regular physical activity. Using these methods, you could raise your energy level, look and feel younger, and regain your health by losing weight-for good!

Searching for a safe and fast way to lose weight?

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Reasons Why We Should Be Your First Call

  • Dr. Scott McDoniel has over 15 years of clinical experience
  • He can help you find the best way to lose weight both safe and fast
  • He has already successfully helped over 2,000 patients in reaching their ultimate weight loss goals
  • He is part of an integrative medicine practice in Lone Tree, CO.
  • Dr. Scott McDoniel is highly trained in the areas of exercise physiology, psychology and nutrition
  • Dr. Scott McDoniel is Colorado's weight loss Guru and he is Board Certified
  • Dr. Scott McDoniel's method has been featured on The Biggest Loser, 9 News and Newsweek
  • His office has a reputation for excellence and we are known for our personable and effective medical treatments
  • He has many happy past clients which means that we come highly recommended on Google+ , Yelp, and HealthGrades.



Every person has their own reasons and goals for weight loss, which is why we offer individualized weight loss programs instead of the "one-size-fits-all" approach that many clinics follow. At our clinic, a bariatric specialist will work with you to establish and modify a program that is tailored specifically to you, your life, and your weight loss needs. Since our programs are so personal, you will have the highest chance of reaching your goals and maintaining them for life.

The Best Way to Lose Weight - Safe & Fast

As Denver's Weight Loss Guru™, Dr. Scott McDoniel provides the clinical structure, guidance, and professional support that you need to shed pounds and to achieve the healthy lifestyle you want. His plans allow you to eat normal foods, including traditional store-bought foods prepared at home, so that you never feel hungry or deprived of your favorite foods. In cases that require super-fast results, specially formulated medical foods may be available to assist in rapid weight loss and health management.

South Denver Wellness - Services Offered

Looking for doctors in Denver to help with weight loss? Our wellness center offers numerous diet programs and clinical weight loss programs to meet your individual needs. We also specialize in food allergies and could help you identify and eliminate irritating foods from your daily diet. In some cases, food allergies can cause your immune system to react so that you retain water and gain fat to protect your organs from the irritating foods. This means that food allergies could be contributing to weight gain or the inability to lose weight! One means of identifying irritating foods is through IgG food allergy testing, which could help determine what food products your body rejects. A food elimination diet could also be used to discover and avoid these products.

Our Denver weight loss clinic also focuses on intestinal health issues and could help you balance your digestive system. We could help treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Candida using probiotics or other gut restoration processes. The balance of bacteria, yeast and other microflora in your gut and intestines is important for your comfort, health, and weight loss objectives. With our guidance, you could introduce more probiotics into your daily diet to eliminate harmful bacteria and promote better digestion. Consult with us today to learn what options are available to you.

Contact Our Weight Loss Clinic in Denver, CO

As a published Bariatric Specialist who is certified in all three major areas-nutrition, psychology, and exercise physiology-Dr. Scott McDoniel is more than capable of providing the guidance you need. Over the past 15 years, he has helped over 1,500 individuals achieve their personal weight loss goals. He was also part of the development team that initiated metabolic profiling as a standard of practice for weight management, which lead to the calorimeter machine being used on the popular NBC television show "The Biggest Loser®."

Do not hesitate to find out what a personalized weight loss program could do for you! Our center offers one-on-one counseling for your privacy, or you could take part in group behavioral counseling and benefit from the accountability. We also seek to remain affordable and, although our services are not covered by most insurance, you may be able to use a medical flex plan to cover our reasonable fees. Call us today at 720-295-8595 to schedule your first consultation. You can also schedule online: click here. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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What is Bariatrics?
Reach your weight loss goals.
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