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Dr. Scott McDoniel is a published, weight loss specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. McDoniel is professionally trained in the field of psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology. We’ve helped over 1,500 patients achieve their weight loss goals. View our patient testimonials! Receive a $70.00 e-coupon for scheduling online.
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Intestinal Health

Food Allergies, Food Sensitivity & Overall Health

A person's intestinal health is a much larger part of their overall health than most people might think. Many patients ask us, "Could I be hurting my body with foods I think are good for me?" When there is an imbalance in a person's digestive system, the repercussions can affect more than just their digestion-even their energy level, weight, intestinal health and overall immunity. This could be due to food allergies that cause their stomach and intestinal lining to swell and become inflamed, which then causes their body to retain water and insulin dysregulation as a way of protecting their organs from the irritating foods. There are also food sensitivity issues, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which may require a gut restoration process in order to restore balance to the person's system.

Candida is another intestinal health issue that may require serious professional counsel and assistance. This internal imbalance is caused by an overabundance of Candida yeast. Treatment requires intense cleansing, a highly strict diet, extra consumption of probiotics, and antifungals to eliminate the Candida and restore balance before foods can be reintroduced. At South Denver Wellness, we could skillfully assess your internal health and help you make changes and wise choices regarding your diet so that you can remain healthy and strengthen your immune system and intestinal health.

How Our Denver Functional Health Center Can Help

If your intestinal health is not at the level you would like it to be, our Denver functional health clinic could help. Let us provide you with a consultation so that we can review your symptoms, or even provide food allergy testing, to determine what could be done to improve your digestive functions and internal wellness. Dr. Scott McDoniel is a Fellow of the American Society of Nutrition with 15 years of experience. We could help, so call now at 720-295-8595 to schedule your first appointment.

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