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Dr. Scott McDoniel is a published, weight loss specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. McDoniel is professionally trained in the field of psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology. We’ve helped over 1,500 patients achieve their weight loss goals. View our patient testimonials! Receive a $70.00 e-coupon for scheduling online.
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“Dr. Scott helped me tremendously. He was very interested in seeing me improve my health and listened to my needs. His program helped me understand calories and how my metabolism changed when I lost weight. Dr. Scott’s program helped me lose close to 120 lbs and I am now able to function better, reduce all but my blood pressure medication, and play with my grandkids. My life is much better thanks to him”.

- Robert A., Weight Loss: 119 lbs, Westminster, CO

“I have tried several attempts at weight loss and had lost confidence that I would ever be able to lose weight. I decided to work with Dr. McDoniel since he offered a scientific approach to weight loss by providing a diet plan based on my metabolism. His program allowed me to eat the foods I wanted. Now I am more confident that I can monitor my diet since I understand how to read a food label and compare the calories to my goal.”

- Nancy T., Weight Loss: 31 lbs, Denver, CO

“I have tried weight loss several times on my own and was minimally successful. I was interested in Dr. McDoniel’s program since he measured my metabolism and allowed me to eat what I wanted. His program took the guesswork out my weight loss program.”

- Dale Ann C., Weight Loss: 35 lbs, Arvada, CO

"I tried Weight Watchers in the past and felt like another number and did not get much out of the weekly visits. Dr. McDoniel treated me as an individual was interested in my personal success. His clinical approach was very good and made me understand the basics of calorie balance and my metabolism. I never thought of why I would eat until I met Dr. McDoniel. He made me aware of my emotional eating habits and now I think before eating. I highly recommend his personal and caring approach.”

- Mary B., Weight Loss: 31 lbs, Northglenn, CO

"I participated in Dr. McDoniel’s weight loss program. My weight at the beginning of the program was 260 pounds and upon completion 175 pounds. I had no idea, losing this much weight what I could do, how much easier it was, and how good my clothes felt- even my shoes. I had suffered from sleep apnea and after losing the weight, I was able to go off the c-pap machine. There are so many rewards in weight loss - fitting into the seat of an airplane, without overflowing into your neighbors lap. It is not easy, at times frustrating and weight control will always be an issue for me, but I know I can do it and Dr. McDoniel was there for me and recognized my accomplishments.”

- Connie L., Weight Loss: 85 lbs, Denver, CO

"I am a truck driver and I needed to lose weight since I have borderline sleep apnea. I chose to work with Dr. Scott since he offered a clinic-based weight loss program. He allowed me to eat what I wanted as long as I could meet my calorie limit. Having the freedom to choose my own foods was a major plus. Dr. Scott was great and I learned a great deal that I can apply each day in my life."

- Lonnie G., Weight Loss: 42.5 lbs, Denver, CO

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Professional Testimonials

"I have had the opportunity of knowing and working with Dr. Scott McDoniel for over 3 years. During this time, I have personally observed him in direct patient care and he possesses the admirable characteristics of caring, patience, empathy, and confidence to succeed in changing patient behavior and improved patient outcomes (i.e., sustained weight loss). He is an outstanding practitioner."

- R. Scott Hammond, M.D., FAAFP
Associate Clinical Professor
University of Colorado School of Medicine

"Dr. McDoniel has a unique background and broad perspective that contributes to his leadership and outstanding ability to see future needs. He has initiated and facilitated many new directions and innovations to contribute significantly to advancing the field of energy metabolism and dietary intake as well as its practical applications in the clinical setting.

-Sachiko St . Joer, Ph.D., R.D., FADA, FAHA
Professor of Clinical Medicine
University of Nevada School of Medicine
"Dr. McDoniel has an amazing talent for working with patients challenged with weight loss issues. His expert scientific knowledge of energy metabolism and his ability to translate this knowledge simply and succinctly to his patients places him a cut above most professionals in the obesity and weight management field."

- Marietta M. Schmid, MS, RD, LD
Director, Weight Management Center
The Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX

* Individual results will vary based on your metabolic profile, specific goals, and tailored weight loss program.

What is Bariatrics?
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