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Dr. Scott McDoniel is a published, weight loss specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. McDoniel is professionally trained in the field of psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology. We’ve helped over 1,500 patients achieve their weight loss goals. View our patient testimonials! Receive a $70.00 e-coupon for scheduling online.
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Are you in need of a good weight loss solution? Many people assume that losing weight will require them to cut most foods out of their diet and to eat extremely small quantities. This method is quite common and may work for some who are pursuing weight loss, but there is more than one diet program available for more than one health issue. At South Denver Wellness, we will take the time to determine your metabolic profile in order to discover what foods will work best to help you lose weight. We will also study your body type and physical conditions to determine what foods may help or harm your health. Speak with weight loss guru Dr. Scott McDoniel at our Denver weight loss clinic today.

Lose Weight with Your Favorite Foods

Patients come in all the time and ask us, "Could my weight gain be due to a specific food I'm eating?" Dr. Scott McDoniel-Denver's Weight Loss Guru™-is a published Bariatric Specialist with training in nutrition, psychology, and exercise physiology. Instead of cutting your diet down to practically nothing, he will formulate an individualized diet plan that meets your needs without depriving you of your favorite foods. You will be able to eat normal foods without feeling hungry, including traditional store bought foods and restaurant meals. Our diet plans are only part of our proven and effective clinical weight loss programs, so contact our offices today to learn about what we could do to help you shed pounds naturally, safely and permanently!

Select Diet Plans Offered at South Denver Wellness

Diet plans do not always require weight loss. In many cases, a special diet may be necessary to treat the symptoms of an intestinal health issue, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Candida. South Denver Wellness offers diet programs for the following issues, among others:

Insulin Resistance & Metabolic Syndrome
This syndrome is actually a combination of several disorders that contribute to a heightened risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Individuals with these disorders experience difficulty losing weight. By following a special diet patients can improve the sensitivity to insulin and experience successful weight loss and improve their health.

Celiac and Crohn's Disease
Celiac Disease and Crohn's Disease are both inflammatory diseases. Celiac Disease is a reaction against gluten, while Crohn's is a genetic issue that causes your immune system to attack the intestinal tract due to microbial antigens. Avoiding certain foods and increasing others can soothe the symptoms of these diseased to make them more manageable.

This health issue occurs when the natural balance of yeast and bacteria in the gut and intestines becomes imbalanced. Candida is a type of yeast found inside your intestinal tract which, if it begins to take over, can cause nausea, weight problems, severe exhaustion, and more. To treat Candida, a person must kill the yeast by avoiding certain foods and taking antibiotics. Then they can reintroduce healthy bacteria, or probiotics, to restore their internal balance.

Heart Health
Symptoms such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol could be due to a heart condition. They could also be the precursors to a heart condition that has not yet fully developed. Either way, a change in diet could treat these issues and aid in weight loss so that a person is no longer at risk of a severe cardiovascular condition.

Discuss Your Goals with a Weight Loss Specialist

Weight loss is a difficult and often discouraging process. If you have tried and failed many times, or if this is your first attempt, don't lose hope! Get the professional support and counsel of a certified weight loss specialist. Dr. Scott McDoniel has 15 years of experience in Bariatrics and clinical weight loss and played a part in the implementation of weight loss programs for other medical providers. He is also a supporter of metabolic profiling and played a part in the calorimeter being used to determine contestants' metabolisms on NBC's "The Biggest Loser®." Find out what our Denver weight loss clinic could do to help you meet your objective by calling today at 720-295-8595 and scheduling a consultation.

Visit our weight loss clinic in Denver today to learn what diet program best works for you!

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